DripDrop exists as an intuitive collaboration between three people:Thornton C. Wilson, Todd Tawd,  Repas Daniela.  DripDrop focuses mainly on large scale, multi-media projects that usually combine multiple facets of animation, sculpture and moving 3D sound compositions. Our projects go through extensive planning and development   periods, enabling us to thoroughly research new techniques, mediums and  technologies. My main roll in the collective is the conceptualization, design and building of most of the physical aspects of the installation, as well as many technical  aspects including lighting and control, syncing and projection


Boundary Crossings : International Animation Platform 

PRE-NOSTALGIC premiered during Boundary Crossings in 2011 as a collaboration between the founding members of DripDrop Collective: Thornton C Wilson III, Todd Tawd and Daniela Repas. 


Pre-Nostalgic acts as a 26 channel visual interpretation of a symphony. With each sound of the original score connected to an animated character and a sequence of glass sculptures, the audience is free to experience the piece from within the installation or from a mezzanine.

Reduces Conception

A winner of Best Installation Award at PLATFORM International Animation Festival in 2007, Reduced Conception is a 13 channel audio-video installation, with focus on deconstruction of animation and its relation to moving imagery, by utilizing projection  mapping to individually light the still drawings