Pre-Nostalgic is a 24 channel audio/visual installation of animated sound, sculpture and drawing. It was created to exist as an installation and as a choreographed exhibition of sound and image. This allows the audience to actively explore the subject within the installation, as well as observe it from a provided mezzanine view.


This project was created to provide a setting where the viewer is reminded of the playfulness of their own life, uniqueness of tradition and given a chance to reflect on their own perspective on reality.



The buildings, made out of individually pieced fragments of stained glass and wood, follow the basic principles of animation.

Using a network of synchronized light fixtures within each building, we were able to create an illusion of movement. 

Each building is inspired by existing building in Portland, Oregon.


The control and synchronization of intensity of light within each building allowed us to create a variety of environments, individually progressing from complete darkness at points to full illumination. This is directly connected with changes in the sound score and progression of the narrative.


The animation films are displayed on five projection screens, honoring the tradition of viewing the  animation through cinema screens, as well as placing animation in a new format of animated installation.


When viewed from the mezzanine, the characters in the  animation films become synchronized with the sound score in full harmony.


The animation films are created from countless single-cell ink and pen watercolor drawings, each capturing the human figure in the events of play, joy and meditative practices.


A 16 channel sound and music composition circles the buildings and animation screens, creating an animated sound experience which draws the audience to the center of the piece. The sound essentially leads the audience through the narrative, installation and experience of the piece itself.


The sound is composed and constructed to literally move around and through the piece. Using 16 separate channels installed in a circle around the piece and in key sculptures, individual sounds move in circular motions, picking up layers along the way and creating 360 degree music, soundscapes and climaxes. This provides unique experiences for each place the audience ventures throughout the piece.


DripDrop exists as an intuitive collaboration, focused mainly on large scale, multi-media projects that usually combine multiple facets of animation, sculpture and moving 360 degree sound compositions. 

Our projects go through extensive planning and development periods, enabling us to thoroughly research new technologies, mediums and techniques. DripDrop was unofficially created a decade ago in Denver, CO where we first started integrating our individual fields of interests and creating complex projects. Our first collaboration as DripDrop collective, Reduced Conception, was premiered at the PLATFORM International Animation Festival in 2007, winning Best Animated Installation Pre-Nostalgic, as our latest project, was featured in Boundary Crossings, An Institute in Contemporary Animated Arts held in Portland Oregon, 2011. 

As DripDrop Collective, we continue to live and create in Portland Oregon with a constant drive to expand our projects and challenge the previous ways of engaging the experience of art.              


Pre-Nostalgic by Dripdrop Collective:


Thornton C. Wilson III -> Sculpture, light programming and synchronization 


Todd Tawd -> Sound/music composition and auditory animation


Repas Daniela -> Animation, project conception


Contact DripDrop Collective:


Photos by: John Wiley Howington


Location: RJ Templeton building, Portland Oregon, USA


Premier: July 22-25 2011